Accessibility Plan

The Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) believes in ensuring a barrier-free workplace and experience for all who visit the Parliamentary Precinct. PPS is committed to providing accessible services to our clients, employees and partners, and we are committed to meeting all of our legislative obligations under the Accessible Canada Act.

Our Accessibility Plan names accessibility leads for each area, recognizes previously identified barriers and outlines what actions we intend to take to remove these barriers. In the coming months, these planned actions will be integrated into PPS’s Strategic and Sector Plans, as appropriate, and monitored until completion. The Service intends to complete all of these actions within the next five years.  2023 Plan Update now available. 

Inquiries & Feedback

Accessibility at the Parliamentary Protective Service

The Parliamentary Protective Service welcomes all feedback, comments and questions regarding the accessibility of the our services. Feedback can be shared through the electronic form or via email at:

Report an emergency or suspicious behaviour to 613-992-7000 or 911